UA Collections

Sentry UA Line Call-In Numbers

Denver – 303.785.6174

Colorado Springs – 719.208.7763

Ft. Collins – 970.295.4770

Grand Junction – 970.623.7309

Greeley –  970.515.7430

Loveland – 970.776.8508

Pueblo – 719.289.7088

Clients may use ANY of the above numbers to call into the UA Line daily.  If you have difficulty calling into the UA Line, please try an alternate call-in number.  Please be aware that using a touch-screen device may result in an error message.  If you are experiencing error messages using your cell phone, please call in from a land-line or with a non touch-screen device.

Sentry UA Line Call-In  via web

You may now complete your daily Sentry UA Call-In via a website.   Click here for more information on how to use the new feature.

Approved Collection Sites

Download list of Approved Collection Sites or view map

Urine Drug Screen samples must be collected at an approved collection site.  Check back regularly for an updated list, as changes can occur at any time.

Please submit a general Consent for Release of Confidential Information form for each collection site you use.  The release can be accessed on our forms page or downloaded here.  Completed consent forms may be faxed to 720.213.1007.